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The 10 best excuses not to have made its duty

Posted 07 March 2018


This week the team Bodypack Takes advantage of his experience by giving you some tips and tricks for your life as a college or high school student. Since it is not uncommon to have some problems with its profs when making duty, we have concocted you the 10 good reasons To give them in case you could not have made your duty in time (or not yet your duty at all), history of being able to get an extra time.
We have classified them by type of apology. You will find in this article the Classical apology, the Drama And Those who will make your prof completely FOU Because the apology is like Bodypack backpacks : it is necessary for all tastes ...


The classics:

  1. My dog Got your teeth on my new Cartable And he put bave on all my leaves.
  2. My brother (or sister) Tore my duty-too jealous (se) of my new Bodypack backpack!
  3. I had a Internet blackout While I was looking at the Promo backpacks at Bodypack And I couldn't do my research
  4. My Cat Love my cartable Bodypack, a bit too much, he pee on it😊



Classical but timeless, these excuses can always pass, even if they have already been used many times, your teacher will have already heard them throughout his career and even your parents have used them at their time ... If-if I assure you, your parents may also have lied to their teacher😊 Then no hesitation😉


The Drama:

  1. I lost my backpackBy doing skate and my duty was unfortunately in it
  2. I was robbed of my cartable BodypackWith all my business and my duty
  3. My house aBurnedWith my Bodypack backpackInside, I am SDF!!!
  4. My duty fell in the bathroom! I put it in the back pocket of my jeans and fell to the bottom of the toilet and then, engulfed by the flushing.😊

You're going to make your whole class laugh, but not necessarily your teacher. He will nevertheless prefer to receive from you a very clean duty that does not go out of the toilet to correct you, provided that he wants to give you more time.
It's up to you to play the map of the dramatization. Implements all your comedian talents, takes an air above dramatic! Ton prof will have pity of you and you are sure to get an extension!

Those who will make your prof FOU:

  1. I deposited it in your locker This very morning, you didn't find it?
  2. I've already delivered it to you Last week, you slipped it into your Bodypack backpack, I hope You have not lost it ?

If you are a little filou and you want to see your teacher run everywhere, you can use and abuse these excuses. They're going to make it crazy! He will look for your duty everywhere in the profs room, in his locker, he will put the question to his colleagues and will pass for a madman! So pay attention to the return of the stick when he understands that you have made fun of him and that you are indeed a sacred little film. You have to catch your Bodypack backpack And take your legs at your hit.


So which of our 10 excuses did you prefer?

Do you think you follow our advice and use some of them? If yes, you may indicate in Comment In this article your opinion and those who made you laugh.
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