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The 10 best excuses for not returning homework

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

The 10 best excuses for not returning homework


This week the team Bodypack make you benefit from his experience by giving you some tips and tricks for your life as a college or high school student. As it is not uncommon to have some problems with your teachers during homework assignments, we have concocted them for you 10 good reasons Give them in case you haven't been able to hand in your homework on time (or haven't done your homework yet), so you can get extra time.
We have categorized them by type of apology. In this article you will find the Classic apologies, the Dramatics and The ones that will drive your teacher crazy because an apology is like Bodypack backpacks : It takes all tastes…


The classics :

  1. My dog cut his teeth on my new one backpack and he put slime on all my leaves.
  2. My brother (or my sister) tore my duty - too jealous of my new one Bodypack backpack!
  3. I had an internet cut as I watched the backpacks on sale at Bodypack and I couldn't do my research
  4. My cat love my Bodypack satchel, a little too much, he peed on it😊



Classic but timeless, these excuses can always pass, even if they have already been used many times, your teacher will have heard them already throughout his career and even your parents probably used them in their time… If - if I t 'assure, your parents also certainly lied to their teacher😊 so no hesitation😉


The Dramas:

  1. I lost my backpackwhile skateboarding and my homework was unfortunately in it
  2. They stole my Bodypack satchelwith all my things and my duty
  3. My house hasburntwith my Bodypack backpackinside I am Homeless!!!
  4. My homework fell in the toilet! I put it in the back pocket of my jeans and it fell to the bottom of the toilet and then swallowed up by the flush.😊

You'll make your whole class laugh, but not necessarily your teacher. He'll still prefer to receive a neat assignment from you that doesn't come out of the bathroom to correct you, as long as he's willing to give you extra time.
It's up to you to fully play the dramatization card. Use all your acting skills, take on a super-dramatic air! Your teacher will take pity on you and you are sure to get an extension!

The ones that will drive your teacher CRAZY:

  1. I left it for you in your locker this morning you haven't found it?
  2. I already gave it back to you last week you slipped it into your Bodypack backpack, I hope you you did not lose it ?

If you're a bit of a trickster and you want to see your teacher running around, you can use and abuse these excuses. They will drive him crazy! He will look for your homework from everywhere in the teachers' room, in his locker, he will ask his colleagues the question and will appear crazy! So watch out for the backlash when he realizes that you made fun of him and that you are indeed a hell of a trickster. You just have to catch your Bodypack backpack and take your legs at your stroke.


So which of our 10 excuses did you like best?

Do you plan to take our tips and use some of them? If so, you can indicate in comment in this article your opinion and the ones that made you laugh.
Do not hesitate to share these good ideas on your social network favorite and talk about it with your friends.
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