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Les Enfants d'Abord: the Corsican Jumbo in a Bodypack backpack

Posted 19 July 2018

Bodypack, the French brand that accompanies your mobility and your outings, has left for Corsica with the association Les Enfants d’Abord - Les Enfants à bord. Check out this photo report which traces the journey of a dozen children with disabilities with theirs Bodypack backpacksduring the Jumbo Corse 2018, organized by Vincent Barresi, President of the association.

On the program: Side-car through the beautiful Corsican landscapes, boat trips, visit of Bonifacio, beach, sea and above all: happiness and sharing for children and their families!


Even on vacation or travel, having a bodypack backpack with you is very convenient to store all your beach or other belongings.😉



Boat trip:



Kids First and Bodypack Backpacks in Bonifacio


Bodypack_Jumbo_Corse_2018 Red TAG backpack : walk, tourism, leisure. You always need a bodypack to accompany your mobility and your outings!



With the Madras backpack and its computer compartment: hipster trend! Large tiles and beautiful turquoise and purple colors. Perfect for relaxing in the sun while watching the small boats of the port of Century in Corsica.


Bodypack_Jumbo_Corse_2018Madras computer bag on the small port of Century.












[Bodypack_Jumbo_Corse_2018 Blue Marble Backpack carried by one of the brothers accompanying a disabled child.












What is the Corsican Jumbo?

If you want to know more about the association Les Enfants d'Abord and the projects it conducts for children with disabilities, you can watch this interview with the organizer of the Jumbo Corse, Vincent Barresi who presents the whole project in 2 minutes!

Carte Blanche broadcast on TLM on July 17, 2018.

Vincent Barresi at the top of the Corsican cliffs! with the Madras computer bag of Bodypack.


Bodypack_Jumbo_Corse_2018 Vincent Barresi, President of the Les Enfants d'Abord Association, organizer of the Jumbo Corse and partner of Bodypack!

The entire Bodypack team thanks Mr. Barresi for this partnership and this high quality photo report, made in collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Laissard, a photographer specializing in disability situations.

© Mr. Laissard, photographer:

Discover his portfolio as a specialist photographer and author of several books such as Freewheel Lives.

Bodypack accompanies all valid children or not in their leisure outings and at school and we are very happy to have been the partner of this beautiful project the Jumbo Corse!

Find the website of the association Les Enfants d’abord here:

See you soon for new Bodypack adventures!