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The Bodypack backpacks celebrate their 10th Ans!

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The Bodypack backpacks celebrate their 10th Ans!

July 2001, the new brand of Bodypack backpacks is created. July 2011, the Bodypack bags are still present and celebrate their 10th birthday.


The Taig Khris TV Campaign

To accompany its launch, Bodypack started in 2001 a communication campaign on national chains (TF1, M6 etc.) with guest star: the world champion of roller acrobatics Taig Khris. The advertising is a success and allows Bodypack to make his backpacks known and to start his business.

The Bodypack logo of the rucksack worn by Taig Khris in the advertising is vintage: this is the brand's first logo. Since then, it has evolved well.


The brand Bodypack

Today, Bodypack products have grown: Bodypack now offers a complete range of backpacks: multiaccessorized for hiking and recreation, functional for daily urban life, wheeled for travel ... Soft bags and bags of sport also complement the offer of backpacks.

Bodypack Birthday 10 Years

In 10 years, Bodypack created its "own identity" and brand name: products inspired by trends in graphic arts, music, urban life, travel ... and "users to users" (designed by users for users, for a recognized practice).

The quality is also part of the Bodypack signature: respect for the drastic standards of periculture for qualitative and non-toxic fabrics, associated with a guarantee of all products of 2 years.


Bodypack was in Shanghai ...

What was the event of the year 2010? The World Expo in Shanghai .... Bodypack was present with a dedicated booth where visitors were able to discover some of the Bodypack backpacks.

Bodypack Birthday 10 Years

The next 10 years of Bodypack

Bodypack approaches his 11th year with the official launch of his blog and a multitude of projects and ideas of new bags ... that we will unveil you soon ...

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