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Backpacks and schoolbags in 2018

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Backpacks and schoolbags in 2018


Since its establishment, the Bodypack brand has been widely distributed ("uchan, Carrefour,, system U." Finally, all the big releases To provide high quality backpacks and schoolbags for all students, middle school students, college students and students at high quality price is our main idea! Unique prints, original prints made by our textile designers and convenient bag shapes are particularly suitable for our product designers. Having a bag is like choosing a different one. A unique identity allows everyone to express their own style! This is a small French brand, and the American giants have been fighting for the market for decades. Every time school starts, you will find new packaging in your favorite supermarket / supermarket.

In 2011, Bodypack set up an online sales website to introduce your collection, so that you can easily buy your bag in a few o'clock, which is our wish! Search the whole collection, search throughout the year. A professional positioning, for as many people as possible to query! The school circus is our field! Page: 1


How about 2018? New era of Bodypack! In order to start school, the brand has developed a series of new backpacks. New things don't end there This is a unique collection that features an innovative hyper trend graphic. A collection, plus some mystery, because you can only find it in specialized stores, that is, shops and paper retailers. Yes, Bodypack has found itself in the middle of the well-known historical brands: year after year, we will never forget the value we cherish: the products you provide are original, of high quality, and nearest to your home! As a Bodypack expert, he has to be in all distribution channels, from the highest quality to the most cutting-edge. We look forward to showing you this collection

This album will be released in June 2018! No matter what kind of school bag, schoolbag, schoolbag, sports bag or travel bag, Bodypack will satisfy all your desires! Meet at the online store and find all our products.


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