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Where to store his masks in his bodypack bag?

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

Where to store his masks in his bodypack bag?

Whether our school bags, sports or everyday we already had any business to carry by default. Wallet, keys, phone, transportation card, all these objects follow us about everywhere, and just about all the time.

At BodyPack, we had already created on our storage bag models for these everyday objects: anti-RFID pockets on straps for cards, hidden zipped pockets for wallets, or detachable keychain to keep your Accessible keys and do not have to search at the bottom of your bag to find them when going home. Especially since this kind of situation always arrives after a zero day, it rains, and that the neighbor who came back before you did not deign to hold the door. In short.

Where to store his masks in a bodypack bag

In recent months, however, a new item accompanies us on a daily basis: it is of course the mask. We are supposed to change it in the day, so it is necessary to have it on oneself. And it is better to avoid having one who is trailing at the bottom of each bag, in the glove box or in the pockets of all our coats as an old chewing gum package that remembers us from time to time. We do not judge you, we do the same: but in the case of masks, it is still not very clean.

So, what can be made of our masks so that they are accessible while respecting hygiene measures? Here are some adequate places to store your masks in your bodypack bags:

  • In the net pockets : Many of our bags have organizers at the front pockets or main compartments. The advantage is that we can see if there is something in the pocket or not. And as we see this pocket every time we charge the bag, we can immediately know if we forgot to take a mask or not.
  • In the side pockets : Many models have side pockets, and they have the advantage of being easily accessible. No need to open the entire bag to check that one has taken a mask or not, and as they often come by two we can work out to have the own masks on one side and the masks used from the other.
  • In the patch pockets : Whether urban models or stretches, pockets are often available at the front and will be perfect to accommodate a spare mask.
  • In a kit : The length of bodypack kits is often adapted for a mask. Why not take one to store five clean masks, and leave it in the bag all week in order to be sure to have one a day!
Where to store his masks in a bodypack bag

In any case, whatever your way of organizing your business, at Bodypack we think of you and we equip all our models many storage space.

All you have to do is find what suits you best! ;)

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