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Think bags rolling backpacks for back to school !

Posted 19 June 2019

Soon the school year, it is time to equip the little ones for the school !

Did you know that on average, the schoolbag of a pupil in primary school in France weighs 8.5 kg ?

In Bodypack, you think it's a little heavy for them, autrant that 33% of them suffer from back problems. Fortunately, some schools now have lockers, books, digital, or other solutions ensuring that the children do not have to be lugging the entire school curriculum on the back, but this is not yet a case was solved.

Backpacks with wheels are perfect for back to school !

To avoid back problems so young, there is a solution : the backpack with wheels ! And not just any, ours are among the lightest on the market !

All of our trotti included large compartments to store all the books, workbooks, and other books and zipped pockets for small business.

Of course, these bags are equipped with wheels silent, so no noise in the hallways, and for the fun side, they are as bright.

Fun but safety too, especially if we add in parts reflective on the front and shoulder straps of the bag : your loulou will be well visible, even at night !

Speaking of straps, they are moussées and adjustable, so that the bag can be worn confomfortablement on the back if needed.

On the back or not, everything is possible with these trottis !

And of course, as in any good school bag with wheels, ours have a cane telescopic which allows you to walk everywhere, even if the bag is a little heavy.

You can find all of these super trotti on our online store !