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Online games

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Online games

Generally speaking, copies of forms are a subject with poor eyesight.
It was in this discipline that our artists of the day did well: my name is Pierre Adrian solier.

Pierre Adrian

He specialized in copying master's paintings, which we have seen at least once in his life. They are so famous. Yes, but it's not The stone Adrian is there all the time, and that's what's interesting.

As a big fan of popular culture, the artist decided to turn the original character into a playboy! The result is impossible and so interesting that his work now revolves around the Internet.

You see

Pierre Adrian solier

Pierre Adrian solier

This is an opportunity for us to glue you, to play, to win a bag and a box.

What are the original paintings and their respective artists?
Answer in the comments with the artist's number, name and title of the French form.

The first person to find the right answer is our winner Then hurry up, but be accurate!
Let the best win!

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