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Playmobil on canvas

Posted 16 January 2015

In general, the copy of the table is a discipline with a rather evil view.
It is in this discipline that our artist of the day illustrates : I have appointed Pierre-Adrien Sollier.


It is specialized in the copying of master paintings, these paintings that we have all at least seen once in their life so they are famous. Yes, but not that. The Pierre-Adrien it does not stop there and this is where it gets interesting.

In good a big fan of pop culture, the artist has decided to swap the original characters by Playmobil ! The result is so unlikely and strange that his work is now the turn of the web.

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And this is an opportunity for us to ask you a glue and do you play to win a bag and a kit Bodypack.

What are the original paintings and their artists respective ?
Answers in the comments, specifying the number, the name of the artist and the title of the table in French.

The first to find the 8 good answers without mistakes will be our winner. So be fast but accurate !!
May the best win !