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Holiday preparation

Posted 15 May 2014

Happiness and happiness In 2014, the new collection of luggage has arrived!!

We finally updated our bags, which began to smell naphthalene. It's time to tell me. We agree!
And the design department's work is also very good, because it gives us a lot of beautiful things, it should be said.

Large size soft suitcase

The new flexible suitcase is more rectangular, stronger and larger in size:
Add your little sweaters in winter and summer sandals.
Holiday luggage
Because functionality is our dada Hein in Bodypack!
Therefore, we believe that:
Holiday luggage

"New trunk"

The second creation is our already famous suitcase Here, there is no new form, because it always works well, but new motivation!
Let's see
Holiday luggage
Well, it's all about waiting for school break or vacation

We're waiting for you websiteWell, to make you happy, good days are back D: