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Prepare the back to school with Bodypack !

Posted 13 May 2020

It is finally time to go back to school ! Good news for parents can be, certainly at least for the children...

of Course, it is not so simple ! Most of the schools have put in place some measures to ensure that everyone is safe. So, we suggest you to see this entire story to provide you with some tips ;)

there are strong chances that the lunch break is greatly amended, and that each is forced to make his own meals. Fortunately, a box of meal is largely in a bag or a briefcase Bodypack. Of course, don't forget to add eating utensils, and a small water bottle or a water bottle to avoid drinking from the tap. Nothing is simpler than when there are elastic side pockets on her bag ! And of course, we forget to wash hands before eating. Advice valid for small but also for larger !

We will also need to keep the good reflexes with the gestures barriers still some time : it is well known that this is not always easy to apprendres to children, but try to the best to show the example !

Don't forget the packet of tissues (which of course in one of the many pockets of our backpacks), which is always useful, and for the bigger ones, the small bottle of gel hydroalcoholic will also be a faithful ally.

Parents can also take the temperature of the children before school (which must be less than 37.8°C), and to pay attention to the stuffed animals ! They tend to wander around a bit, so we need to wash them.

Moreover, caution continues even after we returned home : we wash our hands after that, we set the business up in a corner and it cleans up what would have been likely to be contaminated. If we are all vigilant and attentive, we will soon be able to return to normal !

The smaller ones may be a bit difficult to adapt, but courage ! These are not bad habits finally ;)


Bodypack_retour school déconfinement

These models do you like ? A little patience, they will soon be available... ;)