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School pressure and continuity of teaching: courage!

Posted 30 April 2020

Let's agree, for those who are not on the front line, home school is one of the most complicated things to deal with during this long confinement... whether for parents or students.
Apart from obvious material inequalities (not everyone has access to the same computers, internet connection, software or other equipment, or even the opportunity to study in a quiet room), one quickly realizes as a parent that teaching is indeed a profession, and as a student that going to class was ultimately not so bad.
It's not easy to manage work, home and children, or to juggle classes, family and private life....

We've already given you a few tips for manage your routine, and to help you stay focused(e). However, when it comes to courses, the net is full of resources!

Parents or students, don't hesitate to go elsewhere for help! Sites like SchoolMouv are there to accompany you on all subjects, at all levels.

In terms of resources, UNESCO has also given free access to the World Digital Library on the Internet, and that The Fnac has put a selection of 500 Free books to download. Not only will you most likely find material to use for classes, but you can also be curious and discover new things!

Very good content is also available on YouTube, on multiple topics and with different approaches: in science (e.g. Dr.Nozman, DirtyBiology, E thinksr), history (e.g. NotaBene, It's a different story), in English (e.g. lea-english), in Philo (e.g. Cyrus North), or even on all at once (e.g. The anti-dry) ! Of course, not everything is part of the sacrosanct school curriculum, but it is always good to accumulate a variety of knowledge. Who knows, you might even discover a new interest in a subject you thought you didn't like.

This school year is complicated for all of us, parents and students alike. We might as well do our best to stay calm and focused: the little ones need to build a solid foundation, and for the older ones, we know you may be worried about the future, but we're not going to be confined forever so stay focused on your goals!

In any case, don't let these painful weeks discourage you! We'll be out of it soon;)