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What do we offer Noel this year? Gift Ideas 2020

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What do we offer Noel this year? Gift Ideas 2020

Christmas is approaching, and even if the end of the year holidays are likely to be a little different from usually, a question will come back: "What am I going to be able to offer such a person?"

It is likely that you already have ideas for some of your loved ones (and so much better!), But a breakdown of inspiration is always possible.

At Bodypack, not only are we friendly, but in addition we offer products for all. We are already guiding you for Choose your bodypack bagThis time discover our selection of gifts for Christmas!


A maternal snack bag 

A playful and colorful gift that will appeal to your children, nephews or nieces, little brothers or sisters ... and who will please young parents too! It changes slices' scentrals;)

The little ones: you have a choice among many designs, too you will always find the colors and shapes that will please. In addition, you take care of the health and safety of its future owner: our snack bags have reflective tapes on the front and straps, which are foamed and adjustable to adjust the bag to the shoulders and on the back of young children.

A primary bag

You want to be a Super Tonton / Super Tata, or the godfather / ideal godmother? Be the one who offers the first large binder for the primary!

You can choose from traditional schools, backpacks with casters or casters. With trendy and colorful designs the rare pearl is within easy reach!


A sports bag

You have inevit among your loved ones or the one who has decided to get back to the sport, if not someone who is already addicted to it!

Whatever the sport practiced, you are covered: our sports bag models range from 20L for the pool or room to 85L for anything that requires a lot of equipment. Colorful or sober, there are for all tastes!

And if you have a doubt, aim for versatility: our Sport backpacks will adapt to most activities, to hiking in nature.

A travel bag

Anticipate the return of travel and other business trips by offering a versatile travel bag! Perfect to travel light, with many compartments and storage, our travel bag models will be the ideal partners of nomads.
Our little darling: The Travel Weekend backpack. With a beautiful suitcase compartment, a computer compartment and several ancillary pockets, it can certainly be on the back but also by hand or shoulder thanks to the removable strap.


A business bag 

For your brother or sister, your partner or your roommate, you will not be able to go wrong with one of our business / urban bags! With sober styles, they are perfectly adapted to urban life. Comfortable, practical and secure, for men or women, do not hesitate to put your favorite product in your own list at Santa Claus. ;)

A glass gourd

An indispensable! For a loved one as for a colleague, it is a safe bet. Practical, resistant and useful, the glass gourd is a small gift that will always enjoy.

Did you know ? Bags are in The Top 20 Most offered gifts at Christmas;) Like what, you can not go wrong!

Order now on our website, and do not hesitate to contact us for any question!

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