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Responding to new mobility needs | Bodypack

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Responding to new mobility needs | Bodypack

Many things happened in recent months, and our displacement habits have changed and evolved.

One may be less the car and the more transport, or the bike, etc. Many of us have also been sports, or have been new passions.

At Bodypack, we design bags to accompany you in your daily life, and these new mobility habits are no exception.

Bodypack Backpack Business Urban Mobility on a daily basis

We told you a few days ago of our brand new motorcycle bag, which we studied to be the most practical possible for all two-wheeled users. You can discover the article that we have dedicated to him, or discover it directly on our website

But we do not stop with this particular model.

Indeed, all our bags of the range business and urban are equipped with foamed computer compartment to protect your laptop or tablet, and several storage and organizers to have your chargers and others always at your fingertips and safe.

In addition, to ensure your comfort whatever your journey, all our bags are equipped with foamed and ventilated backs, and padded and adjustable straps. In this way, no matter where you go and how, your bag will always be adapted and comfortable.

For all public transport users, we also equipped our anti-RFID pocket bags (some are even hidden for safety), as well as antitheft for closures so that you can detect any attempt to fly.

Bodypack Backpack Business Urban Mobility on a daily basis

To allow you to recharge your devices while walking without having to hold your battery by hand, our urban backpacks are equipped with external USB ports.

Finally, the models of this range despite their many features are featherweight: 990g on average!

It's up to you to choose the number of compartments and space you need from all available models!

Our business and urban models are guaranteed up to 10 years, so that your comfort remains your priority! ;)

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