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Posted 19 June 2019

Kids and teenagers are growing up so fast that we don't teach you anything.
In addition, 33% of children have back problems due to the weight of the bags.

They always need to buy clothes or shoes that they can't wear.

Backpacking is also a problem: your child wants to keep his backpack for the next semester, but he grows up in the summer and can't even wear it.

Since we are both good and innovative at Bodypack, we think of you

Discover S-LID, adjustable backpack for children's growth!

what is it? It's a technology that makes backpacks alive. Because there's a strap on the back The bag becomes adjustable Adapt to the shape of the child in four positions. Adjustable straps are also foam and suitable for children's orientation: maximum comfort guarantee. In addition, through this adaptive ergonomics, back problems will be reduced!

Discover S-LID, adjustable backpack for children's growth!

Of course, these bags also include large compartments and multiple zip pockets, and are coated in addition to the adjustable back.

The overall design presents trends and colors, and may cover product life.



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