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School Backpack: advice on choosing the right Backpack

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School Backpack: advice on choosing the right Backpack

Backpacks are the most important supply for the start of school. She is also the most expensive So when choosing all your backpacks, it's sometimes hard to decide who will accompany you all year.

Here's some information you can use to assess the quality of a backpack when it comes to fate.


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What does the quality of a backpack depend on?

In our daily life, backpack is indispensable, whether for school, leisure, occupation However, the quality of a backpack is still mysterious... Five main criteria, fabric, coating, zipper, mounting and material toxicity, determine the quality of the backpack.



Copy this website code to your website to set up a voting box on your website. But, mainly His titration The width of the yarn expressed in currency affects the fabric quality of the bag. Therefore, the characteristics of backpacks are always 2 titrage number In chains and frames, such as 600 / 600 / 600 or 600 / 300 dinars (because the titration of chains and frames may be completely different). Of course, the higher the titration, the thicker the fabric, the more durable the backpack will be: the weight of the 600 / 600 D fabric is higher than that of the 600 / 300 D fabric.

Copy this website code to your website to set up a voting box on your website. Therefore, these data are incomplete. Because of the lack of a second fabric titration to estimate the quality of the fabric. Therefore, you should not only rely on this number to choose, because you do not have a second number, which can be 300D or 600D, it will be more robust.

this Number of lines It is also important to evaluate the quality of the fabric. A specific example is a 600/

Associated with fabric titration, the number of yarns per centimeter determines the weight of the fabric and thus evaluates the quality of the fabric. The average weight of a school backpack is 140 grams.

The fabric density used by Bodypack is very high, with 31 yarns per centimeter (21 chains, 10 frames), while the market average, especially the school market average, is 24 yarns.



Coating method Treatment of hidden surface of organization Make it stronger and more waterproof Coating technology Used to bond, press, or spray fabrics Material Science coating It also affects the quality of the backpack.

For example, an alkaline coating, PVC, will connect the PVC sheet to the fabric through an adhesive sheet between the two. By adding an additional sheet to the fabric, the coating will give the fabric a paperboard effect and increase the fabric; this reminds consumers that the fabric has durability because of its greater thickness and rigidity.

Although polyurethane coating (PU) is a technology for mountain backpacking, its method is more durable. Different from PVC coating polyurethane liquid Spray the fabric to make it fully impregnated. This technology requires high yarn density to prevent the sputter of polyurethane through the fabric. It provides a better connection between the fabric fibers and the coating.

As a result, the coating is almost invisible and makes the fabric softer and lighter.

Contrary to what one can imagine when facing all backpacks in a store, the paperboard effect of fabrics or the weight of bags is often not guaranteed to be of poor quality.Page: 1 Like the image of the Bodypack backpack, a dense, solid fabric is coated with polyurethane, so it has a high degree of lightness.


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Sliding lock

Usually, they give up when they wear. Their quality depends on their manufacture (are they from a recognized sliding closure supplier such as YKK or SBS?) And thickness. The wider the zipper, the stronger it is.

In the store, you can cheat the cursor a little bit and use zippers many times. For those with poor quality, you can feel it by testing. A twisted cursor between your fingers equals a bad close.


Installation of backpack

The construction of the backpack contributes to its durability. The more anchors share the weight, the more the backpack can withstand the weight of school supplies. Therefore, the wide strap is easier to bear the load of the bag than the thin strap. Similarly, seams used to prevent the fabric from tipping, seams on clamps or tension points contribute to the strength of the bag.


Non toxic substances

Phthalate free labels began to stick to children's toys, shower gels and the nearest backpack. When selecting toxic substances, the absence of toxic substances such as phthalates or other polyvinyl chloride, cadmium and azo dyes should also be considered.


Income guarantee

It's not automatic on all backpacks, so when it comes up, it's important. Because the bags are hard to bear and may be transferred.


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