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Student fairs: how to prepare?

Posted 19 January 2018

Bodypack_salons_étudiantsIt's the period for student and orientation fairs, before the school open house season! We offer you a small checklist to prepare you for your visit to the student lounges as well as the 5 mistakes not to make!

The 5 mistakes to avoid:

  • Go there as a tourist
  • Not having checked the schools, companies, training courses presented
  • Go there as a group of friends (believe us, we are more efficient on our own)
  • Bet everything on the show for your career choices (other alternatives exist to plan your school career)
  • Adopt a nonchalant attitude

The visit to a show is getting ready! BODYPACK presents its TO DO LIST to you before going there:

  • LEARN MORE: On the dates, places, exhibitors, schools, professions presented, conferences, workshops ... It seems obvious but what a shame to meet at student fairs intended for business schools when you want to guide in a scientific field! To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we inform ourselves beforehand.
  • PREPARE: Define your goal, get in touch with the schools of your choice, find training courses that might interest you and list what you expect from student fairs. Get in touch with schools? Find training? Discover a profession? Remember to list what you expect from your visit, so that you are already in good shape! No we do not laugh with his future! ;) The beginnings of the choice of your orientation are made at this time, so yes it's not very funny but you have to go through ... In your notebooks! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to take them down, once there between the crowd, the multitude of stands, the fatigue and the distraction, you will not forget what you came for.
  • PUT ALL THE CHANCES ON YOUR SIDE: We advise you to go to the shows accompanied by an adult who will help you approach the stands that interest you, ask questions ... Schools, companies, training courses ... are recruiting during these trade shows, so remember to take care of your look, which will make a good impression and facilitate exchanges with the representatives on the stands who are generally teachers, school directors, professionals ... Arrive in shorts and flip-flops (yes, in the middle of winter we know very well that there is nothing more comfortable :)) is not recommended, nor do you need to take out the suit / suit: correct and decent attire will be sufficient.
  • TAKING BACK: Indeed, a good marketing brochure is not synonymous with quality! We are not teaching you anything. For schools, training courses ... participation in student fairs is the ideal time to embellish their images. For example: a "Bachelor" does not correspond to any diploma in France. "Master" is not "Master". Do not hesitate to ask at the stands if the diploma issued by the school is certified or endorsed by the State. It is also important to ask the path of the former students? Where do they work ? What positions do they occupy? How much do they earn?
  • NO PRESSURE: The student lounge is not an end in itself. This can serve as a basis for discovery, dozens of exhibitions are organized every year throughout France, you do not gamble your life on this show :)! Don't forget that an appointment with a guidance counselor in your establishment or at the CIO (Information and Orientation Center) in your city can also help you. School open days are also a good way to go. to get informed.

List of student fairs organized this year:

Do not forget to take your backpack BODYPACK to line up there thousand one booklets with which you are going to leave again. We hope that this article will help you to see well there more in the jungle of school direction! ;)