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How do you care with your children during confinement?

After almost a week of containment to limit the spread of COVID-19, you may begin to feel the hours pass... Improvised telework, technical unemployment or...

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The 2019 Art Toys competition begins!

Try your luck at the 2019 Art Toys customization contest! Discover here the rules to participate from 01/07/2019 to 01/09/2019.

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Art Toys contest: 2014 edition!

You want to participate in Bodypack's Art Toy 2014 contest: And you're doing GOOD! THE PRIZES 10 winners will each receive a check for 250...

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2013 art toy competition!

Today, we started the 2013 toy customization competition As in previous years, we offer five packs of 500 euros to five lucky winners. Find the...

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The return of the Art Toys 2012 contest!

Thanks to its success in the previous 2 years, the Art Toy competition is back! And what a return! The recipe has not changed, we...

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Art Toys 2011 Contest!

The Art Toys competition is back in 2011! The principle is simple: just be creative and have a little imagination to try to win the...

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