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Play sport at home, it's possible?

That athletes who have not been able to practice their activity normally last year lift their hands ✋ Fortunately, there is always the opportunity to...

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Responding to new mobility needs | Bodypack

Many things happened in recent months, and our displacement habits have changed and evolved. At Bodypack, we design bags to accompany you in your daily...

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Motorcycle Bag - New Permanent Collection

It was a long time since you asked us and we did it! Finally a real practical bag, compact, concentrated technology for all motorcycle users...

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Travel Reporter Bag - New Permanent Collection

The Travel Reporter bag has a special place in our new permanent collection: It's been a long time since we wanted to make a bag...

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Move your BODY (PACK)!!

A test? A challenge? The Bodypack 15L bag is perfect for exploration, sports and leisure!

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With your duffel bag, you're all good!

Faced with the success of our sport - travel range, a duffel bag available in 3 sizes completes the collection.

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