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This is Bodypack's living room tour Page: 1

This year, as in previous years, we come to different exhibitions and have the opportunity to discover new trends in textiles, patterns, colors, shapes, etc....

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Soon the spring break!

Spring is today and the holidays will arrive very quickly. And as life is well made, for each different profile we will find a Bodypack...

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End of the world and other trends ...

At the end of 2012, we are going, slowly but surely. Autumn then winter, Christmas, turkey, New Year's Eve, and... The end of the world....

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Spring shiner

Discover a preview of the new 2012 version of our e-shop!

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Wow, is anyone there?

For you, 2013 still seems a long way off, but for us it's tomorrow! As the beautiful days return, we continue to work tirelessly for...

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