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Brand new, very beautiful, Bodypack backpacks sold on the internet

Posted 16 January 2013

Since the time that we pampered it in almost secret with the help of the fine New Quest team;)

Here is our new merchant site:

No more looking for backpacks in store, too high shelves, exhausted colors, the choice to make quickly to continue your small errands, and so on and the best:

now you have the choice of ordering with complete peace of mind on the web!

Bodypack bags will be waiting for you warm on the brand new Bodypack online store: come visit, discover, prepare your 1st order and discover the other Bodypack bags as well as all our new products.

All with a free delivery for all orders without any minimum and a GSC, yes a nice Bodypack customer service, at your disposal and available to help you find your happiness.

See you soon on the online store!