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TUTO BODYPACK Personalizes Your Multi Pocket Backpack

Posted 19 January 2017

Personalize your bag

Personalizing your business so that they can be Unique has become a real trend! The advantage of plain fabric bags is that they are very easily customizable, so we can let go of his imagination to create a bag that really looks like us! Our Multipoches backpack lends itself well to this exercise thanks to its cotton fabric and light color. His vintage shape is a must in recent seasons, and its imitation leather panels adds a worked side to this ultra-practical backpack.

To customize our backpack, we used some very simple accessories to find and fix: heat-sticking stars and decorative nails.

Necessary material :

- The Bodypack Multi Pocket Backpack
- Heat-stick stars
- Decorative nails
- Scissors
- An iron

You too let your imagination speak with Bodypack bags! What accessories would you use to customize your bag?