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An artist to follow: Felipe Pantone

Posted 26 March 2015

The Artist Felipe Pantone Has been active since 1998.
He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but moved to Spain with his parents in the 1990s. It is now based in Valencia.

It is recognized in its inimitable style and especially in its Pant signature or sometimes UltraBoyz.

At first he admits to having started with the tags, these graff only based on the manual writing of his own nickname or many small sentences. It was by seeing his first tags systematically erased the next day that he began writing short sentences in a more studied and aesthetic typography.

And that worked, his calligraphy remained.

Today, his style has evolved and is more between classical graffiti, typography and geometric abstraction. A real work of goldsmith!
It also uses a lot of the visual principle of "glitch", this bug in the power supply of an electronic circuit that causes the temporary failure of a computer, a TV or a video game. It is hypervisual and fairly trendy for 1 year in all visual arts and even fashion.

He said that he was influenced by artists such as José María Yturralde. Frédéric Platéus, Herb Lubalin, Sozyone Gonzalez, Stephen Powers, Demsky ... but confesses to be more globally interested in all visual arts in general.

You are let to judge the potential in this series in picture:

Bodypack discovered Felipe Pantone


Bodypack discovered Felipe Pantone

Bodypack discovered Felipe Pantone

To follow the work of Felipe Pantone around the world, regularly consult this artist page: