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An amazing backpack

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

An amazing backpack

We've started a series of articles about unusual backpacks, whether they're unique prototypes or contrarian commercial products. Sorry, this constant audio interruption;] is independent of our will.

A new vote knapsack "Pangolin" was produced by the cyclus brand and was found on the trend blog a few days ago.

Unusual pangolan bag

Novel, modern, creative, isn't it? And a song of the future?

One of the basic features of this pangolan backpack won't disappoint you: it's also a friendly ecology. In fact, it's designed from second-hand materials: the air chamber.

While giving them a second life, cyclus also offers a more respectful and unique bag: each recycled air chamber has a different asphalt for different life cycles.

Functional side: detachable and retractable hull, network book bag



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