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A surprising backpack

Posted 28 November 2011

We return to the beginning of our series of articles on unusual backpacks, whether they are unique prototypes or on the contrary of marketed products. Pardon for this interruption of the extended sound;) independent of our will.

Small projector on the Backpack "Pangolin" made by the brand Cyclus and discovered, there is already some time on trend blogs.


Original, modern, creative, right? With a little air of the future?

An essential characteristic of this Pangolin backpack is certainly not clear to you: it is also eco friendly.  It is indeed conceived from a raw material of 2nde main: air chambers. By giving them a 2nde life, Cyclus offers more respectful and unique bags: each recycled air chamber has surveyed different bitumens for different lifetimes ...  Moreover, every detail and testimony of the old life is carefully preserved and put forward on the bag.

Side feature: removable and retractable shell, netbook pocket ..