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A great initiative in Nepal

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

A great initiative in Nepal

Chrystelle, Karine, Joelle and all the others are part of the adventure of the Senegazelle.
Senegazelle is a 100% female French humanitarian aid association. Participants must complete 5 stages of free-running running of about 10 kms, with mid-term refuelling, health and medical follow-up throughout the event.

After a mission to Africa two years ago, Chrystelle and her acolytes flew to Kathmandu on October 20. In their suitcases educational tools, including Bodypack kits, for children in Kathmandu, Bandipur and Pokkhara. And on their backs... Bodypack bags.

Now back, they kindly thanked us for our meagre participation in the project by sending us some nice pictures. Thanks to them:)

Bodypack initiative Nepal senegazelles

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