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A little infidelity ...

Posted 31 May 2013

Would this blog turn to intimate, inappropriate and inappropriate confession?
I can already see you running away.

Nay. Come back!

This title (humorous or not ...) is only intended to arouse your curiosity and introduce you two new backpacks!

But then what is the connection with this surprising announcement you tell me?

It is because once is not customary these two new models are not manufactured with our special Bodypack fabric in High density polyester but in cotton!

Because yes, for some time now, we had in mind to offer you vintage cotton backpacks.

We are therefore proud to present our brand new vintage backpackse and multi-pocket backpack !



Nicely retro look in cotton and grained synthetic leather, these bags are nevertheless up to date with a foam compartment for computers up to 15.4 '! And of course plenty of storage space.



What do you think ? It changes eh ?!

You can of course find them in the usual points of sale and on our Online Storeof course !