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You have a new order

Posted 29 January 2013

This is our motto at this time... as for a RDV galant. We wait, we hope, we watch, and here it is finally, the new order in our online shop !

No time to lose. Right away, it is an army of small hands that active...

so See it a little!

1. General alarm : a command is performed

the moment the order is validated on the merchant site, it is automatically sent by email to the marketing department where the product manager follows very closely the activity of the online store... What's the reference please ? What is happening to our stocks ? Which pages users have they visited ?


In short, it is a little the observation phase,.

A bit like your 1st internship in a company where you concentrate well on the tasks of your supervisor (without making noise huh) to try to understand what is within your reach.

2. The control of the guardian of the treasure to

The merchant site and the intricacies of the admin interface to remain the preserve of the marketing department.

It is, therefore, a flow of information automatically as the order is directly created in the commercial software. Here, it is the responsible of the administrative, known affectionately as the guardian of the treasure (if treasure is there), which validates the order while controlling the good operation of the banking regulations.

This gives rise to smaller moments of solitude with the marketing that has thought good to rename some items in the merchant site, thus creating disorder in the house ;)


once the pouch has been identified and all the features of the command validated (it starts then you get suspicious and you are careful with your small bags !) the command switches to the warehouse for preparation.

Usually for an order placed before noon, it is prepared in the same afternoon.

3. Shipping

Last step : the preparation of the order. We take care to respect the colour, pack it gently in the bag in a bag for protection, and hop on to paste the label of delivery and the turn is played! Not to forget the invoice, useful in case of a warranty claim, and the letter of thanks to custom created with love by our graphic designer.


Because, yes !! Bodypack am grateful to you that we trust and help us in this new crazy little project for a small team accustomed to the heavy artillery of the great distribution. But we are confident, happy and very motivated by this new activity which can provide you with our entire collection of bags at prices equivalent to those of the stores, with free shipping.

At the end of the end, 2 or 3 people working on each order. But the rest of the team Bodypack, non-officially requisitioned for the project, is kept abreast of each new order orally. It is like that in Bodypack. We share the information.

So, when do you spend your 1st order ?

It is in the startings blocks, relay package, trade nearby ... ! We are waiting for you :)