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Would you like to take a little vacation back?

Posted 03 January 2012

With the end of the year holidays over, the Bodypack team is already thinking about their next vacation ?!

Tsss Tsss, far from us this idea!

Behind this title suggesting the desire for a vacation when we return from a week of rest, hide our new travel bags that we have just received in a new print graffiti. It was the little surprise of this back-to-school Monday.


Discreet but with a little "street" touch dear to Bodypack, these travel bags are our first novelties in the 2012 collection.

70L or 90L, with a large compartment, numerous pockets and tightening straps on the sides, they are functional and guaranteed, like all our bags, for 2 years.

For travelers looking for a more original bag, the Signature models are renewed in 2012.