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Satchel with primary castor

The page of the filter satchel with castor has as objective to help you to choose faster the product of your choice among the whole collection of school bags for the primary which we accomplished. Indeed, our collection includes models of satchels with castors girls CE1 or CE2, of satchel models with castors boy CE1 or CE2. Every satchel with castor has the same technical characteristics with a reinforced bottom, a telescopic cane, one ergonomic handle, a tag for your name and of course a partition of zip-up separation between both main compartments of the satchel. For those and those who hesitate to pass to the backpack, Bodypack also develops backpacks for 10 years with reliable luminous castors, robust of big capacity. The reinforced bottom, Bubbled adjustable straps the reflective broadbands, and the nylon wheels antinoise make our satchels or backpack with castors the inevitable reference of play areas. All satchels are accomplished in cloth eco responsible without phtalate, azoique colouring agent or cadmium. Persuaded that he is of our leading duty to go farther and to maintain the planet which shelters us, we promise to plant a tree for every bag bought on our site. Bodypack to each its bag!