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Make My Pack Kit

It took us almost 2 years of work to be able to respond to an increasing demand for a school backpack for college or high school. Indeed, it has been years since we often see the same bags in the playgrounds, so it was high time to make a little change! This is how the Make My Pack was born, the 1st customizable backpack from BODYPACK, which allows you to make your bag in your image to reflect your tastes, your mood or your desires. The concept is simple, you first choose the color of the main bag from our selection of black, gray, coral, yellow, blue, turquoise, then you associate the front pockets that you like from the 25 different models and colors that we have. launched this year ... that already makes nearly 150 possible combinations and as many choices to stand out a bit and finally have an original bag, just for you. Beyond the aesthetic side, we also thought about the practical side. The make my pack and therefore a 3 in 1 product since the front pocket is transformed into thanks to the shoulder strap which is supplied as a shoulder bag or a banana bag. it's so much more convenient to carry only the essentials when you need them and to leave your bag with all your school stuff when you don't need it. be stylish, set the trend and surprise your friends by arriving at school every day with a different bag! In addition, it is a bag made from eco responsible fabric without phthalate, azo dye or cadmium. Convinced that it is our brand duty to go further and maintain the planet that shelters us, we are committed to planting a tree for each bag purchased on our site. Bodypack to each his own bag!