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School bags

For almost 20 years, we've been equipping children of all ages for their school adventures. From kindergarten to high school, all our school bags are designed and studied to adapt to the daily life of children. Thus, toddlers will find playful and light snack bags, including reflective parts for their safety. For older children in primary school, the choice is vast: from the traditional school bag to the wheeled backpack, with colorful and trendy patterns, there is something for everyone. Our backpacks and wheeled satchels are made of durable polyester and feature a telescopic cane and silent light wheels: perfect for showing off in front of friends, but quietly in the hallways! And to be able to wear them comfortably if necessary, these trolleys are also equipped with padded and adjustable shoulder straps, and breathable padded backs. As for school bags, find the traditional rectangular shape as well as several compartments, and always comfortable straps and backs to wear for children. For adults in middle and high school, our backpacks range from one to three compartments and include several pockets to make sure you can store all school items. Of course, all of these backpacks are made from super tough, non-toxic polyester, and come with a 3-5 year warranty. To go further and maintain the planet that shelters us, we are committed to planting a tree for each bag or satchel purchased on our site. Bodypack to each his own bag!