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Electro Back Bag


*Delivery in relay point and free return for 30 days in metropolitan France

  • 1 Compartment: 2 pouches (1 zipped organizer 1 pouch at the front)
  • AIRFLOW Adjustable Foamed BackS Super Comfortable Matelassed and Ventilated
  • Dimensions: 31 (L) 24.5(l) 47 (H) (36 L) - Featherweight: 510 grams
  • Product Life Guarantee (5-year warranty). Resistant fabric (Polyester 600D) and non-toxic (0 phthalate, cadmium or azoic dye)
  • French brand - Product developed and designed in France

The ideal backpack for young teens who live in urban areas and listen to music all the time to get to class and all their extra-curricular activities. With its trendy electro print and in a blue cameo, young people will literally flash °o°! Perfect for classes with its large compartment to store your course belongings and pockets at the front for other small items, this backpack is also a trendy fashion accessory, in the age of time. And because our high school students often travel loaded, at Bodypack we invented a comfortable and breathable back system: the Air Flow, composed of quilted foams (a treat for the back) and which lets air pass through the back. The purpose of the operation: do not sweat because of the friction of the backpack in contact with our clothes and skin, in short! be good with your backpack like in your sneakers! The Product Life guarantee works in a life cycle: 3-year guaranteed kindergarten items, 5-year guaranteed primary range items, college-high school-guaranteed 5-year-old items, backpack items "travel, reporter, polochon" 10-year warranty, soft or rigid suitcases guaranteed 5 years, urban backpack, sports leisure backpack , 10-year guaranteed sports bag, 5-year-old guaranteed motorcycle backpack, backpack business backpack weekend guaranteed 20 years, accessories 2 years. For more information contact us.

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