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School kits

This year, Bodypack offers you a wide choice of kits, from primary to higher education, mixing Best Sellers of current shapes and designs. Guaranteed for 2 years, the Bodypack school kits are designed in resistant, water-repellent and non-toxic fabric. Being flexible, they will also know how to adapt to their contents. With one or more zipped compartments, these cases can accommodate all pens, colored pencils, scissors, rulers up to 20 centimeters, and any other accessories you will need. The patterns and colors match the Bodypack school backpacks, but you are free to express your personality and your style by choosing to mismatch them! Whether it's a colorful, comic-style pattern, a more understated design, or a vibrant solid color, you are bound to find a model to your liking. Bodypack school kits are ideal for the life of an elementary school student, middle school student or high school student, but can also be suitable for college students, who also need a little equipment. Bodypack, to each their own bag ... and to each their own kit! In addition, each Bodypack bag purchased on our site corresponds to a tree planted in a forest in our region!