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In order to personalize your backpack, high school, college students do my packaging, you can choose your previous pocket. So we developed joint colors for the year, such as black, gray, yellow, blue, sky, red, rocket, turquoise, etc., but our modeling team also produced original and trendy prints to scare people and friends around you with a real original bag. For linkers and techno fans, we also set up a USB port to connect your spare battery to your phone, enabling you to stay in touch throughout the day's roaming. The adjustable strap adapts to all shapes and is quickly attached to the back of the bag, allowing you to turn it into a banana or shoulder bag according to your needs. Simple operation and design, for your choice of pocket broken, and must be unique. The bags are made of responsible ecological tissue free of phthalates, azo dyes or cadmium. We firmly believe that our brand has a responsibility to move forward and maintain the planet we live in, and we pledge to plant one tree for every bag of trees purchased on our website. Everyone has his own bag!