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Primary roller backpack

An essential best seller at Bodypack, the "trottipack" wheeled rucksack has been passed down from generation to generation, when it is the benchmark for playgrounds. this product combines both the desire to have a backpack like the older ones and at the same time the ability to carry the entire weight of the bag on noise-reducing nylon wheels, to spare your children's backs . This wheeled backpack filter page allows you to select the wheeled backpack of your choice from the set of girl's wheeled backpacks, or boy's wheeled backpack for children in primary grades CE1, CE2 , until CM1, CM2. It's a good transition to the backpack, since the backpack with wheels can be carried on the back to climb a staircase for example, with shoulder straps that store when the bag is pulled so that they are not dirty. All of our schoolbags are made of eco responsible fabric without phthalate, azo dyes or cadmium. Convinced that it is our brand duty to go further and maintain the planet that shelters us, we are committed to planting a tree for each bag purchased on our site. Bodypack to each his own bag!