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Primary school bags

Being well equipped to get started at school is essential. For almost 20 years we have developed in France primary purses trendy, light and resistant, while taking all the necessary A4 class cases and workbooks. The Bodypack primary bag collection features a wide choice of 38 cm cartables, 41cm cartables, and light-roller backpacks or backpacks. We also pay great attention to the ergonomics of our products and in particular to the back ventilated back and the adjustable sparkling bretelles, which protects the still fragile back of the children of CE1 and CE2 which are in full growth. With reinforced funds, nylon wheels, Bodypack primary bags are tested and designed to last, on the street and in recreated prices. Because we know that our bags and cartables are intended to be worn by your children, we take care to make them by hand in fabric deperating eco responsible, without phthalate, cadmium, or nitrogen dye. To go further and maintain the planet that houses us, we commit ourselves to plant a tree for every bag or cartable purchased on our site. Bodypack for each bag!