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Sports bags

You are a sportsman unconditional or Sunday sports, you probably have not the same needs, but in the 2 case you find products of quality, design and function. Look no further ! Bodypack designed from nearly 20 years of sports bags 20L, 45L, 55L, 65L, 85L wheeled with fund-reinforced, ergonomic handles and plenty of storage space to reply to each and every one of you. For the gym, pilates, the gym, small meeting room, swimming pool, choose rather a compact format, type 20Litres in which you will be able to bring the essentials. Formats 45 liters and 55 liters are of course the most versatile for the football, volleyball, badminton, squash, skating, swimming .... with a bandouilière, a compartment ventilated to store your shoes or your clothes wet, in order not to mix them with the rest of your business. For the most demanding or those who are always afraid of running out of space, the practitioners of horseback riding, hockey, ice, fencing, ... in short, a sport where there is a lot of equipment, choose the large formats in 65 litres or 85 litres with wheels. The cane is adjustable, and the casters ultra resistant nylon allow you to take everything that you want while sparing your back. Because that will be at your place, and we know what to do with the sport that makes you thirsty, it was also thought to be a pocket isotherm in our model 85Litres, innovation French BODYPACK ! Practical, functional, robust, the range of sports bags Bodypack is suitable for all the family, from the youngest age. Designed with much attention by our team of designers, it is no less trendy with designs and patterns, original and hand made only from fabric eco responsible, phthalate-free, dye azoique or cadmium. To go further, and maintain the planet that we are home, we are committed to planting a tree for every bag purchased on our site. Bodypack to each his own bag !