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Travel bags

With our expertise in leatherwork since 1959, Bodypack designs and develops travel bags for the whole family and all travel occasions. Whether it's a simple weekend, a business trip, or a trip around the world, we bring the same rigor and the same passion to the design of our travel products. You will find the best features on the market such as a double security zip, a TSA USB lock, unbreakable nylon wheels, and many others that we can integrate for you because we have mastered the art of sponsoring and designing our products. bags and suitcases. In Bodypack's DNA aesthetics and design also occupy a very important place, because beyond a practical and functional bag or suitcase, we believe that they must fit into your lifestyle as a real fashion accessory. This is how our stylist team, which comes exclusively from the fine arts of Lyonnais, ardently searches for patterns, prints, materials and colors that will be trendy and timeless to make your travel bag or Bodypack suitcase timeless. Our products are versatile and resistant, so it seemed important to us that they were as environmentally friendly as possible. This is how we decided to produce only our travel bags and soft suitcases from environmentally responsible fabric without phthalates, azo dyes or cadmium. Convinced that it is our brand duty to go further and maintain the planet that shelters us, we are committed to planting a tree for each bag purchased on our site. Bodypack to each his own bag!