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based in Taluyers in the cradle of the leather industry and the silk, the Maroquinerie des Monts du Lyonnais was created after the war to make the satchels of artisans (plumbers, electricians, postal workers...).

In 2001, our know-how of a leather goods manufacturer turned to the individuals and the textile industry to respond to consumer trends, developing new ranges of bags both to accompany the studies recreation. Thus was born the brand Bodypack, now internationally recognized.

Our expertise of patronage, the careful selection of materials, combined with the excellence of our designers to ensure the development of unique products for the schoolchildren, to travelers, to urban and sports.Renewed annually, our collections continue to perpetuate the tradition that animates our home since 1954. We make it accessible to the greatest number of products lightweight and ergonomic to ensure you the maximum comfort in your daily mobility, remaining with modern designs and patterns to current trends.Today the recognition of our know-how to the French is reflected by the presence of our products in more than 20 countries to export, and by the proximity with our community.