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Both sizes can accommodate 21x29.7cm and 24x32cm school supplies. Children may find it more comfortable to choose a smaller size. Depending on your child's school, how much you bring will also have an impact. For the first grade of primary school (6-8 years old, 110cm-120cm), it is better to choose the size of 38cm. For the last few years of primary school (9-10 years old children, 130 cm to 145 cm), the size of 41 cm is preferred.

All of our schoolbags can accommodate standard size school supplies, 21x29.7cm and 24x32cm. Only the preschool backpack cannot contain A4 format.

Bodypack backpacks are made of non-toxic polyester. As a result, they will be able to withstand the weather that may occur on the way without damaging the contents. However, they are not waterproof, so don't immerse them in water.

Bodyadapt system exists on multiple backpacks for middle and high school. The system allows the position of the backpack shoulder strap to be adjusted to three positions to ensure the best position of the bag. This is especially recommended in the first few years of junior high school, when young teenagers grow up rapidly, bags can adapt to their shape from one year to the next.

The low position is suitable for children of 115-130 cm.

The middle position is suitable for children between 130 cm and 145 cm.

The high position is suitable for children of 145 cm and above.

Multiple pockets on our business and urban bags are marked anti RFID, making them particularly suitable for storing mobile phones or wallets. In fact, an RFID proof pocket protects your card and device from potential hackers, thanks to a special fabric woven from precious metal fibers that acts as a protective shell for waves.

The external USB A ports allow you to keep your device charged under all circumstances. Just put your external battery or powerbank (not included with our product) in the bag and plug in the cable provided. You can then use the regular charging cable on the external USB a port to charge the device without holding the battery.

Bodypack suitcases are equipped with TSA lock to ensure the safety of your belongings. The default combination of suitcases is 000. To change it, use a pen or something similar and press the button next to the number. When this button is pressed, enter the 3-digit combination you selected, and then raise the latch used to open the lock. Then you will see the button reset. You can find a short video on our YouTube channel to explain the process.

Safe double zippers, especially on suitcases, are designed to prevent the suitcase from being forced open. In fact, although there is a lock blocking the zipper, a malicious person may force the zipper to open your bag or suitcase. As there are double zippers on Bodypack suitcases, the risk is very limited, and your belongings are safe.

It is important to evenly distribute the weight of the items in a bag to keep

the heavy items close to the back and the lighter items to the front. This avoids an imbalance in the center of gravity and actually helps limit back problems. Bodypack backpacks have multiple pockets to ensure this distribution, and their foam and ventilated back is semi-rigid to avoid forced arch and keep the main weight closest to the back.

Our bags are mainly made of polyester, which is a durable, lightweight material and can not well withstand the heat and drum of a washing machine. Therefore, we suggest that you wash the bag by hand and let it air dry. Soap and sponge can also be used to remove tough stains. Therefore, on all our products, you will find labels indicating that it is not recommended to be cleaned in the washing machine (even in a short period), which may damage your bag. Any products that may cause discoloration of the fabric (bleach, vinegar, etc.) should also be avoided,

. We recommend to test a product on a small, hidden area of your bag.

A broken zipper can easily be fixed. On our YouTube channel, you can find a short video explaining the simplest process of repairing it yourself.

If you find any defects in your product, please contact us at the email address ', with photos of the product and of the defect, as well as your proof of purchase or order number.

For all products purchased on or after January 1, 2019, you can extend your product warranty to the estimated service life of each product line by subscribing to the Product Life warranty free of charge. To register to the warranty, simply register your product on Our website within 3 months after purchase. This requires a barcode and proof of purchase.

All bags are guaranteed for 3 to 10 years. Otherwise, the warranty period is 2 years. We are very careful to select all the materials and fabrics used to manufacture our products, which are assembled by hand: this ensures the combination of finish quality and firmness of all our product lines. However, sometimes manufacturing defects are beyond our quality control. That's why we created a product life warranty. Therefore, Bodypack guarantees that its products are free from manufacturing defects within the scope of normal use and throughout the life cycle of the products we define. For more information, please visit here.

We don't doubt your potential and skills, but we are not hiring at the moment. However, you can submit your application at the following address:

If you want to write an article or publication about a Bodypack product, you can send your request to: You need to give us the relevant network, blog or website, what you think of writing, and what you do for whom. It doesn't have to take long, we just need information about what you do. :)

Our criteria for partnerships may vary, particularly depending on the period: we may not #x27 plan to have partnerships at any given time. We also look at the type of content you offer and in what form, and pay attention to the messages and values you convey.

For information about appearing on our photos or videos, please submit your application to We do not have many physical requirements, the main criteria being the period and location of the shoot.

Do you have an associative, creative or other project that you would like Bodypack to participate in? Don't hesitate to send all the necessary information about yourself and the project to The more you tell us about you and the relevance of your idea, the better!

Bodypack products are distributed in most luggage and stationery stores throughout France. However, we are not able to tell you exactly which products will be with whom and when. If you would like to have more information #x27 on a particular product, please contact us at

The Bodypack brand has been established in the region of Lyon since its creation, #x27 where it is still managed and where our stocks are located. The products are also created, imagined and designed there. In order to make our products accessible to as many people as possible, we have chosen to manufacture our products abroad mainly in Europe and Asia.

All orders are prepared, checked and shipped from our headquarters in Taluyers, near Lyon.