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The engagements

The engagements

At Bodypack, we are already committed to offering quality products, guaranteed several years, created in France, and with love.

We go further by engaging in us for the environment, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.




Reforest Action

In order to participate in the reforestation of many forests in the world, we are committed to Reforest'Action. Thus, each bodypack bag purchased is equivalent to 1 planted tree. Indeed, 20 planted trees it is already 3 tons of stored CO2.This reforestation also participates in the protection of biodiversity, generates dozens of oxygen months and create several hours of work. By commanding Bodypack, you are therefore actively involved in the reforestation of our region!



Recycled textiles

As early as 2020, part of our collections is performed in RPET polyester.
In other words, a textile made entirely from recycled bottles, and which is 100% recyclable itself.

The RPET is as good as the virgin polyester, but requires a lot less resource for its design.
By using more recycled plastic, we reduce our dependence on fossil resources, and allow our scale that less plastic finishes in the oceans.
1 RPET polyester bodypack bag corresponds to about 20 recycled bottles!