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  • Green stripe Backpack
  • Green stripe Backpack
  • Green stripe Backpack
  • Green stripe Backpack
  • Green stripe Backpack
  • Green stripe Backpack
  • Green stripe Backpack

Bag at Dos Green Stripes

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    Volume Poids Hauteur Largeur Profondeur
    24 l 600 g 45 cm 33 cm 16 cm
    Garantie Product Life Marque Francaise 1 Sac 1 Arbre
    Airflow Leger Tissu Resistant
    • 2 Large compartments 1 large front pocket 1 secret pocket for telephone or wallet in the back of bag 1 bag
    • Dos Super Confortable Matelassé and ventilated AIRFLOW Bretelles adjustable spares
    • Dimensions: 33 (L) 16 (l) 45 (H) (24 L) - featherweight: 600 grams
    • Product Life Warranty (5 Year Warranty). Resistant Tissue (Polyester 600D) and non-toxic (0 phthalate, cadmium or azo dye)
    • French brand-Product developed and designed in France

    The ideal backpack for young teens who live in urban areas to go to school and all their extra-curriced activities. With its printing trend of a blue, green, black camaieu. Perfect for courses with its 2 big compartments to store course business and its front pocket for other small business, this backpack is also a fashionable accessory, in the era of time. And because our college and high school students often travel loaded, at Bodypack we invented a comfortable and breathable back system: the Air Flow, made up of matelated foams (a regale for the back) that lets the air pass through the back. The purpose of the operation: do not sweat because of the rubbing of the backpack in contact with our clothes and the skin, in short! Be well with his backpack as in his sneakers! The Product Life guarantee works in life cycle: articles from the Kindergarten guaranteed 3 years, articles from the primary range guaranteed 5 years, articles of the range college & high school guaranteed 5 years, articles of the range bag with back "travel, reporter, polochon" guarantee 10 years, flexible or rigid luggage guarantees 5 years, urban backpack, sports bag with sports, sports bag, guaranteed sport bag 10 years, bag with motorcycle guaranteed 5 years, backpack business bag with back weekend guaranteed 20 years, accessories 2 years. For more information contact us.

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    Our products are designed in France, and designed to meet the real mobility needs of everyday life.

    Lightweight, ergonomic, solid and practical, Bodypack bags remain modern thanks to designs and patterns with current trends.

    Because at Bodypack we attach great importance to our planet, we have ensured that our bags are eco-responsible, removing from its composition all phthalate, cadmium, and any azoic dye.

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