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Make Christmas with Bodypack!

Posted 06 December 2019

Year-end parties are fast approaching, and it is time to ask ourselves what we will be able to offer our loved ones! Of course we are only at the beginning of December, but the time passes quickly and this year, you are helped not to get there at the last minute;)

Some of your loved ones may have referred to you, see you literally said what they would like to receive (luck!). For others, we will have to think a little.

For example, did one of your relatives recently go to sport, to anticipate the excesses of the holidays? Or has it announced a recovery as early as 2020, such a good annual resolution? Motiveit! It's much easier to get your sports at work to get to the room at the end of the day when you have a handy, compact sport bag.)

Whether it is 20L or 45L, our small new in our range of Sports bags Will know how to make happy.
Is your older brother/sister just leaving high school for higher education? We quickly realize that the backpack that is trending from the college is not enough ... Encourage/by offering a Business bag More suited to his new life!

With a computer foam compartment, a sparkling back, several anti-RFID pockets to organize its business, and a sober and elegant style, make your choice. You're sure to fall right!

Are you told a happy event for the end of the year, or that your nephew has entered kindergarten? You are covered! Discover a range of Snack bags For the very small, even the Langer bags ;)

And if you still have no inspiration, we have installed on Our site A calendar of the avent: discover every day a new mystery product, and maybe your future heart attack!

Whatever your choice, the entire Bodypack team wishes you an excellent holiday season!