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The big jump...

Posted 22 February 2012 the unknown!

Stiff polycarbonate suitcases in this case, far from our high density polyester fabric declined on all our Bodypack bags. The readers of the first hour were able to discover, in September, our "initiatic" trip to Asia, looking for a supplier worthy of that name.

...and in the proper sense too!

On the suitcases, for the final test before official marketing!

Because, yes, within a few days, Bodypack will complete his offer Travel with 3 new polycarbonate suitcases printed in black and white.


During our professional trips and our respective holidays (yes the Bodypack team sometimes rests), we have observed many rigid suitcases but all of them neutral and/or united. So there was a niche to take for Bodypack: surprise with rigid suitcases with geometric, fantasmagoric tower printing...

At choice 3 sizes: 51 cm for a cabin trip, 61 cm or 71 cm high. All have 4 multi-directional wheels, 2 transport handles and a TSA standard padlock.


We hope that this infidelity to our dear fabric backpacks will please you ;)

Coming in spring a host of little Bodypack novelties.